1.The Group specialises in the production of biogas through the treatment and anaerobic fermentation of waste by-products from the ethanol production process.

2.The Group helps customers to recover and treat wastewater turning into biogas.

3.Biogas refers to either a methane, hydrogen or carbon dioxide rich gas that is produced as organic matter breaks down.

4.Plants can supply and sell clean biogas as fuel for civilian use to the local utility gas companies.

5.Pilot projects:

- An agreement with Dongguan Xin’ao Gas Co. Ltd, to design and construct a bio-gas recovery and purifying plant at a beer brewery located in Dongguan China. Successfully completed and handover the Xin’ao biogas plant and, on 1st Nov 2011, this plant started commercial operation to recover and sell purified 7,000 cu. metre of biogas daily as fuel for residential use.