The China New Energy Limited Group is a technology, process and engineering solutions provider, whose operations are based in China, for bioethanol and biobutanol projects focusing on the bioenergy sector.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Guangdong Zhongke Tianyuan New Energy Science and Technology Co. Ltd (“ZKTY”), the Group provides process technology, engineering designs, plant manufacturing and operational services in connection with the production of, inter alia, fuel ethanol, edible ethanol, biobutanol, bioacetic acid and other chemicals from agricultural plant materials and waste. ZKTY provides its services to primary producers and users of bioenergy. The products made using its technology, bioethanol and biobutanol, are commonly used by downstream producers as primary fuels, as solvents for use in the chemicals industry or as ingredients for the beverages industry. The Group’s activities are principally based in the PRC, however, it also provides services to overseas customers in areas including Romania, Taiwan, Russia, Thailand and Indonesia.