Following the issue of equity on 15 June 2017, the number of shares in issue is 491,256,350. The following table shows Significant Shareholders, excluding Directors:

Name of holder Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of Ordinary Shares
Leader Vision Investment Limited (Yu Weijun)  64,000,000  13.03%
Vidacos Nominees Limited (Tang Zhaoxing) 48,000,000  9.77%
Best Full Investments Limited (Liang Hongtao)  48,000,000  9.77%
Mr.Lv Jingbin 46,808,809 9.53%
Jet-Air (HK) Limited 44,652,107 9.09%
Lynchwood Nominees Limited 38,125,140 7.76%
W B Nominees Limited 26,967,440 5.49%
Directors’ Interests
The following table shows the Directors’ interests immediately prior to and after Admission:

Director Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of Ordinary Shares
Yu Weijun¹ 90,932,440 18.51%
Tang Zhaoxing² 48,000,000 9.77%
Nicholas Brooks 105,000 0.02%
Richard Bennett - -
Note 1:Yu Weijun is the legal and beneficial owner of Leader Vision Investments Limited which holds 64,000,000 Ordinary Shares. Mr. Yu is also the legal and beneficial holder of Tewin Capital Holding Limited which holds 26,932,440 Ordinary Shares.
Note 2: Tang Zhaoxing is the legal and beneficial owner of the 48,000,000 Ordinary Shares held by Vidacos Nominees Limited.
Note 3: Shares not in public hands comprise 28.30%.