Advanced Technology
Patent for Invention
1. Six Tower Differential  Pressure Distillation Equipment and Process for Producing Superfine-grade Edible Alcohol
2. Distillation & Dehydration Equipment & Process for Combined Production of Fuel Ethanol and Normal-grade Edible Alcohol
3. Distillation & Dehydration Equipment for Combined Production of Fuel Ethanol and Normal-grad Edible Alcohol
4. An Equipment and Method for Ethanol Recovery with Low-pressure Three-effect Rectification
5. Multi-tube-bundle Anti-blocking Tube-shell Heat Exchanger
6. An equipment and Method for Material Acidization and De-dusting in Ethanol Production
7. A Vertical Continuous Fermentation Tank for Ethanol
8. Five Tower Differential Pressure Distillation Equipment And Process For Producing Alcohol
9. Six Tower Differential Pressure Distillation Equipment And Process For Producing Top-Quality Edible Alcohol
10. Thick Mash Fermentation Process For Mixed Materials In Alcohol Production
11. Fermentation Tank Wth Horizontal Clapboards For Alcohol Production
12. Equipment and Process for Producing ethylene from Ethanol
13. Five-Tower Two-stage  Differential Pressure Distillation Equipment & Process for Superfine-grade Edible Alcohol
14. Differential Pressure Distillation of Molasses-based Alcohol and Wastewater Concentration & Thermal Coupling
15. Equipment and Process of Producing Anhydrous Alcohol with Fermented Mash as Material
16. A carrier and making method for microorganism fixation
17. A Production Method With The United Fermentation Of Biobutanol And Bioethanol
18. A Method for Making Solid Molasses
19. A Making Method for Solid Molasses
20. A Method for Producing Butanol and Acetone With Chinese-date
21. A Clean Production Method With Starch Based Fuel Ethanol
22. Reboiler System Of Alcohol Mash Tower With Centrifugal Clear Liquid As Its Medium